What does a copywriter do and why do I need one?

Copywriter writes in a notepad next to a laptop

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a writer who uses words to achieve a business goal. Usually this will be to find new customers and get them to take action (such as buying your product).

A good copywriter will create content that is useful and engaging for your ideal client. When your target audience goes looking for information on your topic, or an answer to a question that you can solve, you want them to find you. This can be achieved by providing exactly the information they are looking for and prompting them to interact with your business.

But it doesn’t end there.

Copywriting isn’t just about finding new clients. Maintaining a strong relationship with past and existing clients is much cheaper and easier than acquiring a new customer. If they’ve used you once, chances are they’ll need you again.

Content that is interesting and engaging can increase your brand loyalty. This is achieved by building rapport and reminding your clients why they used you in the first place. It helps to build you as the expert in your field, and reminds them of your product and customer service.

Providing good content and communication can increase your customer “touchpoints”. A touchpoint refers to any way in which a consumer interacts with a business. This could be in person, through a website or an app. The more touchpoints, the more opportunities to build a relationship and loyalty.

What does a copywriter do?

A good copywriter will first get to understand your goals. Maybe you want to find new customers, provide a resource for existing ones or build brand awareness.

A copywriter should understand your business, what makes you different from your competition, who your target audience is and why they should use you or buy your products. They will seek to find what your customers are looking for and how your product solves a problem or feeds a desire.

Answering these questions will help get into the psyche of your customer to create content that is useful and relevant to them. They will then weave in your product or service, angling it as exactly what the customer is looking for. This will both attract potential new clients and provide additional value for existing ones. Then, it’s over to your business to provide the great product or service to keep them coming back for more.

It is also important that while copywriters produce the work, you get the credit. Your name, or the name of your business will go on what they create. Their goal is to build your brand and communicate your skills to people who are looking for them.

What does a copywriter write?

In short, words that help you sell, or do business.

You can use a copywriter to write your blog, website copy, brochure, case studies, speech, or any other business communication and marketing materials. No matter what it is, the main goal is to make you look good in front of your potential or current customers and prompt them to take action.

For example, say you are a personal trainer and your potential new customer is thinking “I should work on my health, but I don’t know where to start”. After a little googling, this can quickly turn into “This trainer seems really knowledgeable and I like how they work. I’d like to book in a session”. Just make sure when they make that decision, it is on your website.

Why do I need a copywriter?

Like it or not, writing is an essential part of any business.

When was the last time you bought a product, or used a service without any research or prior interaction with the company?

Your customers want to know you are worth their money. Most purchasing journeys will begin online and the way they evaluate you is based on information that you, or others provide. If you don’t provide the information they need to be confident in their decision, they might look elsewhere.

Who uses copywriters?

Startups right through to businesses with entire marketing departments use copywriters.

Some of the reasons our clients have told us they are looking for a copywriter include:

  • “I don’t like writing, or it takes me too long”
  • “I can write, but I would rather use my time working on other areas of my business”
  • “I’ve tried, but I just want it done”
  • “I need a particular skillset for a project”

The right copywriter can make your life easier. We will free you up to focus on other things, help your business look good to your potential clients and provide them with the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

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