The Project

  • Client

    Boatbuy: Marine Survey and Mechanical Inspections

  • Brief

    - Create a resource for customers, allowing them to understand and assess a boat's service history
    - Produce fresh blog content during peak periods
    - Optimise existing blog content for SEO

  • Solution

    - Writing and editing of "Service History Essentials: The Comprehensive Guide Which Could Save You Thousands"
    - Writing 1,000-word blog articles, optimised for SEO
    - Editing existing blog content to improve their ranking on Google

  • Services

    - Website copywriting
    - Blog writing
    - SEO

Project Summary

Boatbuy is the industry leader in Pre-Purchase Marine Surveys and Mechanical Inspections. The business has a strong online presence as a result of a consistent digital marketing strategy which includes posting regular blog, video and social media content.

Service History Essentials

Good News Travels was first engaged to create a resource for Boatbuy’s current and future customers. The guide helps a customer understand a boat’s service history and gauge how well a boat has been looked after. This then allows them to identify any red flags and determine whether it is worth taking to a survey.

The comprehensive guide was created through interviews with the CEO of Boatbuy and additional research.

Writing articles

Boatbuy works with Good News Travels to maintain its online article schedule during peak periods. Once an article topic is agreed upon, the majority of information is gathered for the articles through a simple phone interview. This works particularly well for the Boatbuy team, who are always out on the road servicing clients.

Optimising articles

Good News Travels also edited and optimised existing blog content for SEO. This allowed the articles to reach more people through online searches.

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